LIGUE 1 – After Metz – Lyon – At OL, we take stock: “The leaders know what’s going on in the team”

It’s always the same song. Lyon is capable of surprising one weekend before falling back into its failings a week later. Seven days after their hopeful triumph in Marseille (0-3), OL managed the feat of reviving Metz – the red lantern – by offering them their first victory in four months, the second of the season at home. (3-2)! Recalling once again his inability to show an ounce of consistency. “We are capable of the best and the worst. Today, we saw why we are in this place“, summed up a disillusioned Peter Bosz at the microphone of Amazon Prime.

The relapse is violent. However, it is not surprising when you know the habits of this Rhone formation, which desperately fails to display any form of regularity. Both match after match and during the same meeting. “It is our game which is, above all, a disappointment. I can’t explain the difference with the Marseille match. There, the second period was better but I cannot explain the first. It’s terrible for OL“, was still annoyed the Dutch coach. “It’s like the season. There is good and bad“, adds Moussa Dembélé, author of a double.We simply can’t complete the 90-minute matches. (…) These are our mistakes. We will have to take them“.

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OL can (almost) forget Europe, Metz still has hope


They are, however, legion. Unrecognizable compared to last week, OL displayed culpable shortcomings. Techniques with a lot of waste. But also on the mental level, of the state of mind. Lyon thus started the meeting timidly and let Metz gain confidence. “There is no excuse. We weren’t focused enough, not determined enough from the start of the matchregrets the Lyon striker. We know that it is a team that doubts. And when you come back with intensity and desire, you know that these kind of teams will doubt even more. We couldn’t do that. There is no excuse“.

This lack of desire when the victory in Marseille had left some hopes of hanging an almost unexpected European Cup in view of the season questions. And illustrates the flaws of this group. “I’m angry with the way we started the game. Without offending Metz, we did not play against the best team in L1 but they fought, won the duels and not us“, pestered the Dutch coach.

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The time for the balance sheet is now approaching. And for an OL team which was aiming for the Champions League, the situation is worrying when it comes to looking back on this 2021-2022 exercise when Lyon is today five points behind Strasbourg and fifth place – synonymous with play-offs for the Europa League Conference – two games from the end. “It’s a failed season for a club like Lyon. We have to be at the top of the table and at the top and this season, we have fished“, summed up Dembele.

It’s a big disappointment and maybe the end of European hopes (…) Today, we can say that the season is a failure“, adds Peter Bosz, who finds himself with an uncertain future as OL prepare to play a second season without the European Cup in three years: “We must try to win the last two matches and then we will analyze the season. I’m not the president, I don’t make the decision for my future, the leaders know what’s going on in the team“. And obviously, it’s not brilliant.

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