Lilian Douchet is going to open two restaurants, find out where they are!

The Top Chef show is a successful show that allowed Lilian Douchet to open her restaurants. Read our article to find out more.

Top Chef is a cooking show broadcast weekly on M6. The purpose of this program is to showcase the talent of cooking enthusiasts.

So that they can become great chefs. Besides, one of the participants of the last season was able to open not one but two restaurants since he left the show. In this article, we will reveal where these restaurants are located.

Top chef: an incomparable cooking show

Top Chef has stood out from other programs. Why ? The audience, presenters, cooks and contestants are all into Top Chef. To say that it is worthy of a masterpiece and even deserves an award as a television program. Moreover, M6 leaves nothing to chance since the show is broadcast at the right time so that everyone can enjoy it.

Apart from its quality of distribution, the chefs who ensure the quality of the candidates’ dishes are true professionals in the kitchen from all over the world. Indeed, they master all cuisines and use their skills to help participants improve during their course. In addition, we can thank the Top Chef juries for their participation in the evolution of French gastronomy.

Know that viewers also benefit from the professional advice of Top Chef. And yes ! Some confessed that it was thanks to the show that they were able to satisfy their families by cooking like a chef. That said, everyone takes their share of advice on the show to improve their cooking regardless of their geographical location.

Millions of viewers follow the show in every corner of the world. That’s how Top Chef was able to promote French cuisine around the world. However, it is not just a show for some, since culinary professionals rely on the creativity of chefs to improve their menu. Moreover, these professionals have also shown creativity to launch their own kitchen. It’s even the influence of the show.

Quality participants

The selection to participate in Top Chef is strict. Even if the show is open to all cooking enthusiasts. Therefore, it is still necessary to have some experience as a cook. Note that the tests are very difficult. They are not made for novices who still lack experience.

Moreover, it is necessary to know how to choose the ingredients well and to show imagination compared to the menus to be carried out. And yes ! All these skills are not acquired by watching the show Top Chef but by practicing and improving your cooking. To tell you that it is by working hard that the former winners of the show have won.

Even current contestants of the Top Chef show haven’t made it to this stage without making sacrifices. Let’s not talk about jury cases! Everyone on set has proven themselves to reach this incredible level. For those who want to participate, it is advisable to give their all in the field to win the hearts of the juries as well as the public.

Also know that the big prize pool must be earned. This is why the juries in Top Chef are meticulous and very strict about the presentation of the dishes. These tips will forge candidates and force them to surpass themselves. Moreover, it is thanks to the show that several chefs have made a name for themselves in France. And among them, Lilian Douchet.

Top chef: Lilian Douchet and her two restaurants

Lilian Douchet was a candidate for the 13th season of Top Chef. He left the adventure on April 13 and then he came back the following week. Upon his return, he announced during the show that he will open his two restaurants in France. He has already worked on this project for a while and the first one is located in Bordeaux. The restaurant is called Lil’Home and will open its doors on May 7.

The second restaurant is in the capital. Moreover, it is a city that is close to Lilian since he is going to live there. This Top Chef candidate named his restaurant in Paris, Dame Augustine. The young person defines this restaurant as a gourmet and elegant table at an affordable price. Thus, the chef awaits his fans in his restaurant to enjoy the original dishes on the menu. By the way, you can book online from May 24th.

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