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Lisieux: cat protection associations rant at individuals

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The Pattes Pas Trouille association in Lisieux (Calvados) took in a young eight-month-old cat who was pregnant. The five kittens died one after the other. ©DR

Chloé Pottier, president of the association Pattes Pas Trouille and Sarra Deshayes, president of the Refuge Animal Augeron, together denounce the increase in stray cats in the city of Lisieux. The two cat protection associations work together in the capture of stray cats.

A catastrophic situation

Spaces saturated, adoptions in decline, reduction in sterilizations, the lack of foster families. The two representatives suffer “human misery”. For years, feline associations have noticed the increase in stray cats in Lisieux. There is a difference between wild cat and sociable cat. A wild cat has known only nature, while a sociable cat has known human contact.

The two women deplore the fact that sociable cats are found left to their own devices in the wild. Recently, the Pattes Pas Trouille association picked up a cat only eight months old who was expecting babies. All five kittens died within minutes of opening their eyes. “The cat was too young. She was a sociable, unidentified cat who was completely dependent on humans.

“But this year, we are breaking records. We are fed up with people’s irresponsibility. It’s getting worse “

Sarra Deshayes, president of the augeron animal shelter.

The very essence of the Pattes Pas Trouille association is to go into the field to take care of stray cats.

“Today, we mainly act as host families. Despite our will, we can no longer properly take care of stray cats. There are so many. We have the impression of stirring air”.

Chloé Pottier, president of Pattes Pas Trouillle.

His counterpart from the shelter supports this opinion: “In foster care, we sleepless nights when we have a job and a family to be able to bottle feed the kittens. In the end, we see them die one after the other”.

The scourge of social media

Several groups, Facebook pages or announcements on Leboncoin exist concerning the donation of animals. The president is worried about the impact of social networks on adoption. Indeed, the wish of an individual to adopt a kitten can be realized in one day. However, it is just as easy to get rid of it for an individual who did not realize that it was an animal, and not a toy.

» I don’t understand how admins don’t remove ads. It’s illegal to give away an unidentified kitten. Individuals give animals that do not go through the veterinarian”

Sarra Deshayes, president of the augeron animal shelter.

Implanting an electronic chip or getting a tattoo to identify the cat is a legal obligation. A way to protect both the animal and its owner, because an identified animal has about an 80% chance of finding its master in the event of loss. Otherwise, a fine of €750 may be imposed on the owner of the unidentified cat.

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Cat associations are picking up more and more stray cats. ©DR

As the president points out, individuals often donate animals in exchange for “good care”. “If we really care about the welfare of the animal, we identify it. Despite a large number of campaigns for sterilization, the Augeron refuge has not seen any progress.

“They get rid of the kittens because they didn’t know how to sterilize the animals. If there is no sterilization, it is abuse”

Chloé Pottier, president of Pattes Pas Trouillle.

Sterilization is possible from the age of four months for a male cat, six for a female. When adopting in association, sterilization and identification are included in the costs. According to the volunteer, sterilization is an act of animal protection and an act for the cat community. “We are losing good people who could have adopted from a shelter or association”.

On Sunday September 11, 2022, the Augeron refuge is organizing its all-purpose fair with the aim of recovering funding for sterilization.

Fair for everything at the augeron animal shelter in Lisieux. 144 imp Pierre Daure, Hermival-les-Vaux. Sunday September 11. Information: 02 31 32 56 98.

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