LIVE – Roland-Garros: very tense start to the match, the first set for Nadal

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 1-3

What a defense from Casper Ruud who reverses the trend in the exchange with an incredible forehand at the end of the race when he was in difficulty. 15-15

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 1-3

Nadal gives up his white service, the Spaniard shows worrying signs for the future, he is clearly physically affected.

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 1-2

Casper Ruud is clearly gaining momentum, the Norwegian plays very well on this return game and gets three break points. 0-40.

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 1-2

Nadal had attempted the volley serve but was bothered by Casper Ruud’s ball, which plunged into his legs. 0-30.

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 1-2

Game easily won by Casper Ruud, who concludes with a service and volley sequence. Enough to restore his confidence, he is still leading the race in this second race.

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 1-1

While he had the opportunity to come back to 15-15 and put pressure on the Mallorcan after a very good uncrossed forehand, Ruud missed his sequence at the net with a too soft volley. Behind, the Norwegian catches up a little by admiring his touch, applauded by Rafael Nadal, but the hole was already made in this game. And Nadal concluded without difficulty in stride.

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 0-1

Solid, Casper Ruud kept his commitment very well and won an essential service game. The Norwegian seeks total relaxation.

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 0-0

Very nice sequence behind his first ball to erase a new break point.

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 0-0

Another amazing exchange where Ruud is cornered from the baseline, on the backhand. Nadal has a good short ball to play but his forehand attack escapes down the hall. 40-40.

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 0-0

Casper Ruud tries tirelessly to turn around his backhand, the Norwegian thwarts completely. He does well on the first break point.

Nadal-Ruud 6-3 0-0

Ruud is wrong again by forcing the forehand shift which gives Nadal plenty of time to attack along the line in stride. The Norwegian is already in danger.

Nadal-Ruud 6-3

Manhandled in the exchange in this game, Nadal is doing well thanks to his service, which offers him three free points and the set at the same time. Be careful, however, because Ruud did more than rebalance the debates at the end of the first round.

Nadal-Ruud 5-3

Nadal wards off the danger with two very good, very worked serves. 40-30

Nadal-Ruud 5-3

Ruud directs Nadal towards his forehand, and in fact, the Majorcan lights up on this side, but it is the Norwegian who manages to repel his opponent. Behind, Ruud lands a forehand winner along the line. The Norwegian confirms his rise to power. 15-30

Nadal-Ruud 5-3

Very nice service game from Casper Ruud, more impactful than at the start of the match.

Nadal-Ruud 5-3

Volley very difficult to play for Ruud, almost at ground level, but the Norwegian managed to advance towards the ball at the moment of impact to hold this pass from Nadal and afford two play points.

Nadal-Ruud 5-2

Like what he showed against Zverev in particular, Nadal seems to be struggling physically, his shots hurt less today. The Spaniard still won his service game and got closer to winning the first set.

Nadal-Ruud 4-2

Casper Ruud accepts the fight in the long line, and it is Nadal who goes to fault with a backhand out of bounds. Ruud returns to 2-4, Nadal still has a break lead.

Nadal-Ruud 4-1

The first vocalizations of Rafael Nadal are heard as he attacks his opponent with two huge forehand slaps. But we feel that the Spaniard is not completely free despite everything. Both seek the right carburation. A bit disjointed start to the match.

Nadal-Ruud 4-1

Rafael Nadal finds a lot of depth and starts to let go of his shots. Casper Ruud reacts with a very good first serve. 15-15

Nadal-Ruud 4-1

Casper Ruud does not seem in his normal state, no doubt he is overtaken by the tension of a first final in a Grand Slam tournament, all the more difficult to apprehend as he disputes it in front of a monument. But still, the Norwegian is not at all so inspired. Without being brilliant, Nadal flies away in this first round.

Nadal-Ruud 3-1

Horrible endgame from Casper Ruud. The ball did not come out of the racket at all on this last forehand which he probably imagined as a short cross. It’s missed. And Nadal takes off again.

Beautiful people in the presidential gallery

First row:

Anne Hidalgo, Amélie Oudéa Catsera, Billie Jean King, Gilles Morretton (psdt FFT) and the King of Spain Felipe, The Prince of Norway

Other personalities present: Gustavo Kuerten, Stefan Edberg, Marco Verratti, Javier Pastore, Robert Lewandowski, Teddy Riner, Amandine Henry, Nolwenn Leroy, Cyril Hanouna, Muriel Robin, Pascal Obispo, Raymond Domenech, Denis Brognart, Gilles Lellouche, Guillaume Canet, Michael Douglas.

Nadal-Ruud 2-1

Another huge foul from Casper Ruud who puts himself in danger. Rafael Nadal makes a very surprising mistake on his turn on a short ball. Very strange start to the match. 30-30

Nadal-Ruud 2-1

A little feverishness in Nadal whose forehand catches the band of the net. Casper Ruud will serve to equalize at two games everywhere.

Nadal-Ruud 2-0

Two double faults from Rafael Nadal give Ruud the chance to erase the late break. 15-40.

Nadal-Ruud 2-0

Casper Ruud pushes his opponent to the fault with his backhand which he gave up very often since the start of the match. First showdown won by the Norwegian. 15-15 on Nadal’s serve.

Nadal-Ruud 2-0

The first passing of this match for Rafael Nadal who makes the entry break.

Nadal-Ruud 1-0

Casper Ruud tries as much as possible to find the forehand offset but when his shot is too average, the punishment is immediate. 15-30.

Nadal-Ruud 1-0

Ruud is completely outplayed at the moment. A good first ball allows him to come back to 15-15.

Nadal-Ruud 1-0

First uneventful game for the Mallorcan, very well into this final. Obvious tactical options with a willingness to work with his forehand on his opponent’s backhand to create the opening and maneuver as he pleases. The Norwegian tries to respond with his forehand but he was dominated in the rally in this first game.

Let’s go !

The first point is for Nadal. Note that the roof is open for the moment.

Equivalent time on the court

6:08 p.m. for Nadal, 6:02 p.m. for Ruud.

This is the longest time he has been on the court.

The first “Rafa” come down from the stands

Many Spaniards are present, while Rafael Nadal will serve first, after a few minutes of warming up.

Nadal wins by applause meter

Unsurprisingly, the bull of Manacor is warmly welcomed by the public, he who has already won 13 times Porte d’Auteuil.

The players are in the corridors of the Philippe-Chatrier

Player entry is imminent!

Christian Bîmes does not think about Nadal’s last match at Roland-Garros

Former president of the French Tennis Federation, Christian Bîmes does not think that Rafael Nadal will play his last match at Roland-Garros this Sunday in the final against Casper Ruud

In a few minutes, the final will begin!

In the meantime, a little throwback to the 13 works of Rafael Nadal in pictures.

Garcia and Mladenovic win the women’s doubles!

Having started badly, the French women overturned everything to win in three sets (2-6, 6-3, 6-2) against the American pair Jessica Pegula and Coco Gauff, in 1h44 of play. This is the second title at Roland-Garros for the Garcia/Mladenovic pair, after 2016.

Double break for the French

Garcia and Mladenovic again take the service of the Americans and lead 3-0 in the 3rd set. Serve to lead 4-0.

Mladenovic/Garcia stick together!

Despite pressure from the Gauff/Pegula pair, Caroline Garcia and Kristina Mladenovic hold on and win the second set (6-3). There will be a final decisive set.

In the meantime, Mladenovic and Garcia revive in the doubles final

Opposed to Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula in the doubles final, Caroline Garcia and Kristina Mladenovic started their match badly by losing 6-2 in the first set. But the French reacted perfectly and broke the Americans twice (4-0) in the second set.

Nadal maintains vagueness regarding a possible retirement

In an interview given to France Télévisions, which will be broadcast before the final, Rafael Nadal admits to being in the dark about the rest of his career.

“I don’t know, I wish I could give a clearer answer but at the moment I don’t know. There is one thing that is clear and that is that I would very much like to come back here to Roland-Garros for a few years but I have a foot problem that does not allow me to train a lot. My goal is to come back here, but the possibility exists that I cannot, he continues. After this tournament, we will try to find solutions for my foot. There are very difficult days but I will do everything to keep playing. I will give myself all the means to come here again.”

Mauresmo maintains suspense over Nadal’s future

Asked about a possible retirement of Rafael Nadal, which would be announced at the end of the final, during his press conference this Sunday, Amélie Mauresmo, director of Roland-Garros, maintained the vagueness: “There is always enormous interest in the final. I don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t have any particular information on Rafa’s side. The history he has with the tournament, the 14th coronation, that’s enough to keep us going. I prefer not to think about that and tell myself that we are going to enjoy this game.”

With Léna Marjak at Roland-Garros

Physical, mental and public support… the keys to the final

In search of a 14th title at Roland-Garros, Rafael Nadal is the huge favorite for the final against the Norwegian novice Casper Ruud, this Sunday (3 p.m.) Porte d’Auteuil. An unbalanced shock on paper. And on the court?

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What is Müller-Weiss syndrome, the disease that Nadal suffers from

In search of a 14th title at Roland-Garros this Sunday against the Norwegian Casper Ruud, Rafael Nadal will have to deal with his pain in the left foot which has handicapped him for a long time. What is called the Müller-Weiss syndrome could even force the legend to put an end to his career. Focus on a rare disease.

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The clues that suggest that Nadal will announce his retirement this Sunday

Opposed to Casper Ruud in the Roland-Garros final this Sunday, Rafael Nadal could play the last match of his career, at 36 years old. In recent hours, several clues seem to point in the direction of a farewell. The article is here.

Who is Casper Ruud, the Norwegian who dreams of bringing down Nadal?

Qualified for the Roland-Garros final this Sunday, his first Grand Slam, Casper Ruud (8th in the world) explodes in the eyes of the general public. The Norwegian will face Rafael Nadal, master of the place but also idol of the 23-year-old player. Between the influence of Spain and that of Christian, his father and former professional player, Casper logically finds happiness on clay.

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Hi there

It’s the big day for all tennis lovers. From 3 p.m. on the Philippe-Chatrier court, Rafael Nadal challenges Casper Ruud in the Roland-Garros final. In search of a 14th Porte d’Auteuil title, the Spaniard starts as the arch-favorite against the world number 8.

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