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locked in unsanitary housing, birds and cats saved by the SPA

Four cats and seven birds were taken care of by the SPA in a “poor general condition“, after an intervention in a house in the east of Lyon.

The SPA appealed to the national police and the municipal police to “rescue several animals held in poor conditions“.”Due to the advanced state of unsanitary conditions of the accommodation in which they lived, all the animals were taken care of by our association.“, specifies the SPA on its website.

These animals lived in a dwelling “on the ground stained with dirt, where mixed in large quantities and indiscriminately various objects and rubbish“.

Locked in aviaries, which were probably never cleaned, the three parakeets, the cockatiel, the two lovebirds and the cockatoo did not even have water available to drink“, says the SPA. All the animals were removed from their owners last May.

Just days after their rescue, the three parakeets, the lovebirds and the cockatiel were adopted. A month later, the cockatoo, in turn, was able to join a home. On the feline side, three cats have found a new family. Only one remains for adoption at the Brignais refuge.



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