Loire-Atlantique: its restaurant revamped by Philippe Etchebest and the Cauchemar team in the kitchen

Raphaël Cotival, manager of the Beausoleil restaurant in the completely renovated room ©Echo Presqu’île

Le Beausoleil restaurant, in the town of La Chapelle-Launay (Loire-Atlantique)was entitled to a visit and advice from chef Philippe Etchebest, as part of the program “Cauchemar en cuisine”.

Gabriel, 12, the son of the restaurant manager, who loves to read the press, discovers that the production of the show “Cauchemar en cuisine” broadcast on the M6 ​​TV channel is looking for restaurants for the show.

Out of love for his father and after the various closures due to covid, he thought it would be good to do the show to revive the activity.

“I was thinking of a prank”

Neither one nor two, on his own, without informing his own entourage, he contacts production.

Very quickly, his father, Raphaël, manager of the restaurant, is contacted.

Still in astonishment, he says: “I was thinking of a prank when they contacted me. I said to myself that I have a one in a million chance of being selected and that it was impossible for them to come to La Chapelle Launay. I could not believe my eyes. After having given my agreement, they arrived, helped by a small camera in order to do location scouting in order to shoot the show.

Some time later, star Philippe Etchebest and his second, chef Mallory Gabsi, arrive.

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The completely renovated restaurant

“At the end of the shooting, they asked us, Mathias the cook, Kelly the waitress and myself, to be away for four days. They took us to restaurants in the Nantes region and gave chef cooking lessons. »

A pretext in fact, which hid a beautiful gift.

The exterior of the restaurant which has been redesigned now has another face
The exterior of the restaurant, which has been redesigned, now has another face ©Echo Presqu’île

During these four days, the restaurant has been completely renovated and revisited with new furniture, new lighting, decorations and upholstery, and in the kitchens certain elements have been changed, such as the oven, the fridge, the dishwasher… Even the exterior has been redesigned.

“For us, on our return, the surprise was total when we discovered the new establishment. We made the promise to only make dishes and recipes from the two great chefs with local products, homemade desserts, etc. We now offer a new menu which is updated every day with two menus to choose from, one at 13€ and the other at 25€ and with an all-you-can-eat buffet”, Raphaël further specifies.

The program should be broadcast next September on M6.

Useful: Beausoleil restaurant located on the D 771, access via the Basses Landes or La Touche Basse. Tel 02 40 58 31 45 or 06 74 41 37 58. In principle, the program should be broadcast on M6 next September

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