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Loire: the two children who fell from the 3rd floor may have wanted to catch their cat

Three days after the fall of two children from a building in the Loire, the investigation is moving towards the accidental track. The two children, one of whom died, could have tried to catch their cat on the windowsill. Their father is indicted.

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The investigation is continuing to try to understand how two children aged 2 and 4 could have fallen from the third floor of their building on Friday. The youngest died at the CHU de Saint-Étienne while her eldest is still this Monday between life and death in pediatric intensive care. The drama happened in Chambon-Feugerolles, in the Loire, near Saint-Etienne.

The 22-year-old father of the two girls denies having thrown them out of the window but does not bring any element likely to explain what happened. ” The person concerned does not provide any testimony on the course of the events which he says he did not attend, explaining that he fell asleep and had a black hole “Explains the public prosecutor, David Charmatz, to the newspaper Le Progrès.

Suspected of having defenestrated them, he was first indicted and imprisoned for “murder and attempted murder”. He is now charged with “manslaughter and involuntary injury”. An evolution that seems to rule out the will of the father to have wanted to intentionally harm his children.

The cat also fell

Indeed, the prosecutor indicated that the police were working on a new track. ” Findings on the spot and the neighborhood survey lead, as it stands, to favor the trail of an accidental fall of the two girls, who may have wanted to grab their cat, climbed on the window sill and who he also fell “said the prosecutor.

The family was known to social services. The mother had left home in 2021 with her two daughters to settle with a new companion. Their father had regained custody in December.

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