Loire: watch out for buzzard attacks!

Buzzard attacks are increasing in the Loire, a phenomenon not surprising given the season.

Several buzzard attacks have been recorded in the Loire lately. The latest, this Tuesday, May 31 in Saint-Genest-Lerpt in the Fontache sector.

A person has been targeted by a raptor who attacked her from behind, giving her pecks on the back of the skull. The previous week, a jogger had already borne the brunt of one of these birds, this time at Croix-des-Sagnes.

An unsurprising phenomenon for the season

During this period, certain raptors, including buzzards, make their nests, between April and June. They can show themselves aggressive if someone approaches it and then tries to defend their territory.

What to do in the event of an attack?

The town of Saint-Genest-Lerpt has warned walkers and advises to stop running and wave a branch overhead to scare away the bird.


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