Lonely Bunny ‘Adopted’ Rescued Kitten, Let Him Into His Cage, and They Became Inseparable

Echo and Ahsoka, a rabbit and a cat, who unexpectedly became friends when they first met, according to The Dodo. But they are not just any friends. Indeed, it is a rescued 5-year-old rabbit and a 12-week-old kitten who have formed an unbreakable bond.

“They brought so much joy into our lives. Seeing them together and bonded always made us very happy and filled our hearts,” said their owner, Ryanne Palermo. Sadly, Echo the Rabbit passed away a while ago.

© Ryanne Palermo

The rabbit, Echo, and the kitten, Ahsoka, arrived almost at the same time at a shelter. Animal Foundation volunteers then rescued them from the poor conditions in which they were living in their respective homes.

A lonely rabbit ‘adopted’ a rescued kitten

And as soon as they met, all the workers were surprised by their friendly relationship, because Echo immediately protected the little kitten from other animals.

© Ryanne Palermo

According to Ryanne Palermo, who adopted both: “Echo ruled the house. All the other animals were afraid of him except Ahsoka, who simply loved him. He was king and she was his queen.

Now that the two are living together, Ryanne was able to give more details on the love between the rabbit and the kitten : “Echo only hugs me, my husband and Ahsoka. This is the world of Echo and we live in it”.

“They were always cuddling and sleeping together. She also liked to play with her ears. She was always sweet and he seemed to like her,” Ryanne said.

© Ryanne Palermo

And that friendship continued even after Echo left this world. Ryanne actually recounted that the rabbit died of natural causes due to old age, but Ahsoka never forgot her old friend : “They brought so much joy into our lives. Seeing them together and united always made us so happy and filled our hearts.”

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