Looking for male cats

Since the announcement of the mission, the association REVEZ, co-organizer of the event with BAYLENE, has been inundated with calls and emails. This is the sign of a real desire of the population to have its animals sterilized. Given the enthusiasm generated by this campaign, a waiting list had to be set up because unfortunately not all requests can be honored.

The volunteer veterinarians, who will supervise the students on a voluntary basis, will make their premises and equipment available according to a defined schedule. However, for example, for reasons of technicality and time, it is much faster to castrate a cat than to sterilize a female dog. In the forecast of animals sterilized during this campaign, there are therefore more male cats.

However, at present, more than 67% of places for castrations of male cats are still available when, at the same time, the schedule is almost complete for cats, dogs and female dogs.

In recent years, as part of the awareness-raising actions set up by REVEZ, it has emerged that for many the reproductive power of the male is denied. The constraint weighs more on the owners of females since they are the ones who bring back the litters. Remember that the female is pregnant after mating with a male. The consequences are therefore dramatic on the scale of the island, where the proliferation of dogs and cats has an economic, ecological, health and ethical impact. Many of these births, which could be avoided, thus maintain animal wandering in Reunion.

Some also think that castration is a mutilation of the animal and that we should “let nature take its course”. However, unlike humans, animals do not reproduce by desire or by choice. And neutering him is the best way to protect him from fights, runaways, and disease transmission. So for all the masters of male cats in the sectors concerned, BAYLENE and REVEZ have a message: “Sterilize out zanimo siouplé!”


– avoid runaways
– reduces the risk of fights
– protects against diseases
– everything is taken care of (sterilization, identification, antibiotics, transport if necessary)


– proof of address
– last notice of non-taxation – identity document


– Possession (Pichette, Dos d’Ane)
– Port
– St Paul (Grande Fontaine, Tower of the Rocks, Sans Souci…)
– Saline les Hauts, Trois Bassins, Tan Rouge
– St Leu (Piton, Plate, Boat)


– the Grand Banoir in La Possession – the Port
– Big Bottom
– So Veto at Saline les Hauts

– The Wave in St Leu

• For the appointmentscontact, preferably by SMS on 0693 530 613. You can also send an email to [email protected]

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