Looking for their cat for 6 years, they are challenged by the photo of a familiar feline posted on Facebook

A photo of a senior cat posted on a shelter’s Facebook page caught the attention of a boy and his mother who had been looking for theirs for 6 years. The animal looked like him, but they could only be sure by going to see on the spot.

Owen Tucker and her pussy I ss have always been very attached to each other. The disappearance of the feline had therefore deeply saddened the teenager, but his return, 6 years later, gave him a smile. A story told by Shropshire Star.

Several years earlier, Owen Tuckerhis mother Claire and I ss had moved to Berriew in Wales. They then settled in the neighboring town of Welshpool ; that’s when the animal vanished.

Its young owner had never stopped looking I ss from. Despite the passage of time, he continued to post wanted notices and sift through shelter sites and pages, hoping to stumble upon the photo of the cat in the black dress.

He did it even after a new move to Cleobury Northa small village in Shropshire in the west of England. He kept in touch with the local branch of the animal protection association RSPCA. It is precisely through the latter that luck finally smiled on him.

The RSPCA from Shropshire had just taken in an 11-year-old senior cat and had posted her photos on her page Facebook. When owen and Claire saw them, they thought they recognized their I sswithout however being certain.

“She was doing everything she was doing before we lost her”

Claire went to the shelter and had confirmation that it was indeed their cat. She took her home, where owen waited impatiently. He too knew from the start that it was good I ss. ” ‘Cause she did everything she did before we lost her, like purring when I stroke her neck and coming to me for treats “, he explains.

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Shropshire Star

Since his return, I ss don’t leave owen of a sole. She follows him everywhere and sleeps by his side every night.


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