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Loos: he kills his cat by throwing it from a second-story window

On Sunday, a man was arrested in Loos, near Lille, and placed in police custody: He is suspected of having thrown his cat out of the window, on the second floor. The animal did not survive.

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This early Sunday evening, a passer-by walking in Loos calls 17: a person comes fromthrow your cat out of the second floor window of a building located near the town hall

. Arriving at the scene, the police note well the presence of the body of the animal. He is lifeless. After taking the information from the witnesses, the officials go into the common areas of the building andcall a man

suspected of being the perpetrator.

Went under warm water to try to revive him

As a 24-year-old, the respondent was placed in police custody at Lille Urban Security. He could be prosecuted for animal cruelty. He is suspected of first kicking and punching the meowing cat, then putting it under hot water in an attempt to revive it. Unable to do so, he would then have thrown it out of the window to believe an accidental fall.

The body of the animal was taken care of by teams from the Northern Animal Protection League (LPA).

The first elements obtained this morning indicated that the facts had taken place in Lille. It was a transcription error. The facts took place in Loos, near Lille.

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