Lorraine: the gendarmes discover 26 dogs in the apartment of a retiree

The gendarmes of Sarreguemines (Moselle) discovered 26 dogs in an apartment. (©Moselle Gendarmerie)

The gendarmes of Sarreguemines (Moselle) made a sad discovery in an apartment of Sarreinsming, on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. There, about twenty huddled dogs were found.

Dogs taken in by the SPA

On social networks, the soldiers explain that they went to the home of a local resident after receiving several calls from complainants.

Accompanied by the SPA and a veterinarian, they discover 26 dogs “crammed into a unsanitary apartment of a pensioner”, they detail.

Mainly, the animals are Australian Shepherds and Jack Russel Terriers. They found refuge at the SPA of Forbach.

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