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Lot: only two adoptions in August at the Lotois dog shelter

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At the Lotois dog shelter, in Montat, near Cahors, the pile of requests for abandonment is growing, and adoptions are not rushing. Only two dogs found new homes in August. The point with Virginia Pachall, president of this association.

A stack of drop-out requests lay on the desk. The little heap has been piling up since May. “We see very few people abandon their dogs to go on vacation here. It’s mostly people who can no longer take care of them. Like those who are going to the EHPAD at the start of the school year”, indicates Virginia Paschall, president from the Lotois dog shelter, in Montat, near Cahors. She continues: “some love their dog, but sometimes they move to places where animals are not accepted”. There are also many who do not find out about the adopted breed and find themselves caught off guard. “You really have to take into account the expectations of the dog,” she explains.

Two adoptions in August alone

This year, many Malinois have found themselves at the shelter. “It was the fashionable breed, but you have to know how to take care of it”, says Virginia Paschall. Another phenomenon: failed adoptions. Even if it’s quite rare at the shelter, this is what is currently happening to Pepper, a setter cross. Arrived at the shelter in 2019, he was adopted twice before returning each time to the shelter. To overcome this problem, a questionnaire was set up for adoption: motivations, what interests them, where they live, if the garden is fenced, presence during the day… All to ensure that masters and dogs will be a good game.

To top it off, few people come to adopt. In August, only two dogs found a new family, and five in July. Usually, the shelter operates with about ten adoptions per month. “With the heat, people did not come,” regrets Virginia Paschall.

The shelter is full

The refuge is saturated, like all those around. “As soon as a dog leaves, another arrives”, sadly confides the president of the association. They are already three or four on the waiting list. Talking about turnover, maybe not. Some dogs leave quickly, and others stay a long time. “The little ones are very popular. At the moment, I have a lady who calls almost every day to be the first to adopt a little dachshund that is still at the pound,” smiles Virginia Paschall. On the contrary, the biggest ones find it difficult to find their home. “The hunting dogs stay a long time. Last February, they arrived at five. If some left at the beginning of May, Soko has just been adopted”, tries to optimize the president of the refuge.

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By the end of the month, Virginia Paschall hopes two or three dogs will be adopted.

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