Lovesick Orphan Kitten Finds Comfort in the Paws of a Kind-Hearted Cat

This kitten, abandoned under a car with his brother, and saved in extremis, snuggles every day between the paws of his adoptive mother cat.

Mezo and her brother are two kittens who had been abandoned in a box and placed under a car. Luckily, the owner of said vehicle heard them meowing, just before starting his engine. This story, told by lovemeowtook place in Poland.

The cardboard was positioned right next to the wheel

When the man searched for the source of the meows, he discovered a box under his car, right next to the wheel. The cry of these kittens saved them from certain death. The felines were dropped off at Magdalena Jaźwinskaa veterinarian who cares for orphaned kittens.

Unfortunately, the little ones were in very bad shape. They were malnourished and emaciated, and one of them did not survive. The other, Mezo, clung to life. According Magdalenahe was about three weeks old, but only the size of a two-week-old kitten”. The young woman gave him round-the-clock feedings and provided him with all the care he needed.

Magdalena’s cat took Mezo under her wing

Mezo spent a lot of time crying. Her cries of distress attracted malikathe other feline of Magdalena. This cat was adopted herself, and loves taking care of others. After a few sniffles to discover the little animal, malika decided to wash up. Since that day, the two cats have not stopped cuddling and bringing love to each other.

According Magdalena, malikaadores all orphan kittens, but she chooses her favorites, and Mezo is definitely her favorite. Whenever he wants to cuddle, she’s there to hug him”.

Malaika isn’t the only one with love to spare

Whether malika became an adoptive mother for the little one Mezo, there is another who wants his share of tenderness. And it’s the dog Magdalena. He doesn’t hesitate to give her many licks on her face, as we can see in this video.

Today, Mezo has grown well and is healthy. Magdalena said “I’m so glad he was strong enough to cry out for help that day, so he could be found by man and live to tell his story.

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