Lozère: pets victims of many abandonments

At Eden, the house of dogs and cats, a structure based in Chastel-Nouvel, “it was the year of all records”.

Like every year, and especially during the summer vacation period, pets, dogs and cats are victims of abandonment. The reasons are often varied: going on vacation, lack of means to take care of it, not enough space in the accommodation, etc. But this year, this phenomenon seems to have grown in the Lozère department, as Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel, the manager of the boarding house and animal pound Eden, located in the town of Chastel-Nouvel, has seen. : “This is the year of all records.”

Confinement, one of the causes of abandonment

According to Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel, the successive confinements which took place during the health crisis represent one of the main causes of abandonment. “During this period, people adopted animals so they could go out and walk them, she explains. Now that it’s over, they don’t want it anymore, dogs and cats are on the street. ” In three days, the manager of the premises received no less than four dogs in the pound, a fact “exceptional”according to the latter. “We also received five kittens who are barely a month old, she confides. We found them in La Canourgue, next to a garbage can. They should go to the Montpellier SPA if no one claims them.”

Examples like this, this animal lover has many more. A dismaying phenomenon in the face of which a form of powerlessness seems to set in. Indeed, although the abandonment of an animal is considered an offense that can lead to up to three years in prison and a fine of €45,000, according to the manager of Eden, “there are not enough sanctions yet”. She adds : “A person who is able to abandon his animal is capable of anything, in my opinion. When you adopt one, you are responsible for it. “

It also specifies that its structure is not the only one to note this situation. Indeed, once an animal arrives at the pound, there is a legal period of eight working days allowing an owner to come and pick it up. If he does not show up, the dog or cat will belong to the pound. He will then be sent to a SPA to be adopted. “We work a lot with the association Au pré de mon arche, adds Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel. The problem is that it is also saturated. So even after the legal period of eight days, we are obliged to keep the animals. “

Stories that end well

Despite a pessimistic picture to say the least, it happens that stories end well. In the edition Free lunch Sunday, July 3, we were just talking to you about the dog Fitou who, after having disappeared for almost ten years following a theft, was able to find his owners, at Eden, thanks to his subcutaneous chip. He had been found by the municipal police, wandering in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher. His masters had then not hesitated to make a long journey to come and retrieve him, not without emotion and a few tears.

Sterilization campaigns

One of the solutions to avoid abandonment is sterilization. Several campaigns took place in the municipalities of the department during the year 2022. “There were two, between March and April, in Meyrueis and Peyre-en-Aubrac, says Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel. Stray cats are trapped and then taken to the vet to be sterilized. ” Indeed, according to the manager of Eden, it is important to have your animals identified and sterilized (castrated for males). “A female cat can have litters of up to six kittens, she adds. Moreover, the gestation period is about two months. She can have babies almost all year round. In the end, people end up abandoning them. “

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