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Lucas, 12, was attacked by a dog: “I saw it very badly because I could no longer play football”, he laments

In Sainte-Marie, this Sunday, September 4, Lucas, 12, was attacked by a domestic dog. Touched on the inside of the thigh and in the private parts, the young boy underwent an operation of several hours. The dog’s owner fled at the time. His family intends to press charges.

Recall of facts

On Sunday afternoon, while walking his dog, 12-year-old Lucas was attacked by a Category 1 staff dog.”My dog ​​went over to the other dog and they started fighting. The moment I tried to tell my dog ​​to stop, the other dog attacked me and grabbed my leg“, he says. This one was held on a leash by his master who fled instead of rescuing the teenager. “I live very badly because I could no longer play football or sports at school“, adds the young man.

After the attack, Lucas went home to warn his mother, Betty, shocked by the state in which her son arrived. “Jsaw all the pulpit hanging down, I panicked. In front of my state, Lucas called the SAMU himself“, she says.

An irresponsible attitude

Betty is particularly upset with the owner of the dog, who she says is someone from the neighborhood. “I’m angry because a child was attacked, it was an adult who was with his dog on a leash. He let his dog bite my son. And leaving a 12-year-old child like that, alone, without helping him, I find that ugly from an adult“, she says.

After undergoing surgery which went well, Lucas is doing better and leaves the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. “The doctors said so, he avoided the worst, he was lucky“, adds his mother.

Lucas’ family has announced that they will file a complaint this Wednesday, September 7, because for the time being, it was impossible to do so without the presence of the victim.

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