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Luck finally smiles on this black senior cat without “whiskers”, at the shelter for more than 2 months

Matilda’s coat color and her advanced age were a disservice to this cat who was desperately waiting to be adopted at the shelter. His patience and that of the volunteers who cared for him were rewarded, however.

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Everything was going well for Matilda, a 12-year-old cat who had a family, until the family moved. Her owners could no longer keep her, and she ended up at the shelter Blue Cross of Burfordin England.

Despite her kindness, she had to wait 50 days to find a forever home, reported Subway.

She was such a nice girl, but it took us longer to find her a home, because she had no mustaches and had hairless areas on her face, in addition to her age and color », explained Laura Morrisof Blue Cross.

Matilda had, in fact, lost his whiskers and no one knew why. The feline didn’t seem bothered by it. They are of great importance for cats, being sensory organs sensitive to vibrations, smells and wind in particular.

It is therefore after having waited almost 2 months that this cat finally had her chance. She was adopted by Keith Turner and his wife Jenannounced Subway.

“We fell in love with it”

Now she is no longer called Matildabut responds to the name of Tilly. ” As soon as we saw it, we fell in love with it confided its new owners.

They also said, feel lucky to have her and be able to give her a loving home “.

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The story of Tilly is a real message of hope for cats whose profile is not considered advantageous, as well as for the people who take care of them in shelters. One day or another, their destiny can end up tipping in the right direction and give them the fresh start they all deserve.


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