magistrates, lawyers and clerks on strike to protest against the lack of means


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Magistrates, clerks and lawyers are demonstrating on Wednesday, December 15 to demand more resources for justice.

It is an unprecedented uproar within the legal professions. The magistrates, lawyers and clerks claim Wednesday, December 15 more means to do their work with dignity. Three weeks earlier, a column written by nine magistrates following the suicide of their colleague was massively relayed. In total, the 7,000 signatories, i.e. 2/3 of the country’s magistrates and 1,500 clerks, denounce ill-being and loss of meaning within the profession.

Faced with this cry of alarm, the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti spoke on Monday. He defended his record and promised action. “The evils of justice cannot be reduced to the sole question of the meanssaid the Keeper of the Seals. The States General will propose a certain number of solutions that we will implement as soon as the work is returned by the committee.” An insufficient response according to the trade unions, which call on Wednesday for massive postponements of hearings and to demonstrate in Paris in front of the Ministry of the Economy in order to meet Bruno Le Maire. The objective is to raise the budget of justice .

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