Mahrez’s wife Taylor Ward shares photos of their dog Beanz

The most famous couple, Riyad Mahrez and Taylor Ward, have not ceased to make headlines with each photo shared on Instagram. This week, the 23-year-old blonde posted new photos on her Instagram account. She shared with her 1.3 million subscribers the arrival of a little puppy in the Mahrez family. The little ball of fur is called Mr. Beanzsays the wife of our Algerian star from Man City.

Riyad Mahrez’s family welcomes a newcomer

Don’t get carried away, Taylor Ward has yet to have a baby with the Algerian Manchester City winger. On the other hand, she has just integrated a little puppy, too cute, into her family. The newest member of the family is named Beanz Mahrez.

To announce it, the young British shared a comment on her Instagram account: “Look at the new member of our family, …Beanz Mahrez”.

The reactions were immediate, like the mother of the young model who was eager to meet Mr. Beanz, the same for Rachel Lugo’s comment. Fans of the footballer and followers of Taylor Ward are mixed over the name of the little pup, Beanz Mahrez.

Some praised the footballer’s wife, whom Beanz was so cute, like a teddy bear and did not refer to the name of little dog. Other followers had a negative reaction to the name of the pup, which bore the surname of our national winger. Indeed, in Islam, the dog is an animal, not equal to man.

Riyad Mahrez did not react to the publication

Since the Manchester City player is a Muslim, the comments didn’t affect him. Riyad Mahrez declined to comment on his wife’s post. The footballer preferred to resume his training at his club. Even if we already imagine that he has already met his wife’s puppy, Beanz Mahrez.

The couple continue to enjoy their new £2.3million apartment in the city of Manchester. After their engagement on the pretty island of Mykonos in Greece, we await the announcement of the wedding date.

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