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Malnourished and injured dog was thrown into the bushes

Thanks to the work of activists and animal rights organizations, it is possible to adopt a dog whose we can no longer care. This is why abandoning pets cannot be justified in any way, because there are tools to do things the right way.

No animal deserves to be left on the street, unprotected and without knowing how to survive. It was in these conditions that Ronce, a small dog left to himself in the bushes, found himself, where he lay down to sleep rolled up for protection.

A dog was thrown into the bushes

© Great Ayton Animal Center

It was a passerby who came across the canine and called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the UK to come and rescue him, reports Metro.

The dog received emergency treatment and even had to undergo surgery to repair the damage to one of its paws. After a period of treatment and rehabilitation, he was transferred to the animal center shelter of Great Ayton, where he has completed his recovery and is now looking for a new home.

“Bramble was originally called Bang Bang, but we felt he needed a new name for his fresh start. He is doing very well and his paw is improving every day,” said Olivia Duffill, assistant director of the shelter.

© Great Ayton Animal Center

Now that he is in good condition, he is completely ready for a new start with a family that wants to open a home for him. The goal is for him to find a home before Christmas so he can enjoy the holidays with his family.

“He’s a beautiful dog with a lovable nature, and he loves spending time with all of our staff”, Olivia said.

“He loves cuddles and turns into a real cuddle machine. He is a truly fabulous dog and we are so happy that he is now ready for a loving new home”, she added.

© Great Ayton Animal Center

Ideally, Bramble would like a quiet family who will be patient with him while he adjusts and puts this bitter experience behind him.. “Bramble is a happy and sweet dog, but he finds life in the kennel really difficult,” Olivia said.

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