Man smashes car window to save life of dog left inside in hot weather

During hot weather, the temperature in the passenger compartment of a stationary vehicle can rise to 50 degrees in less than 10 minutes. Animal protection associations sound the alarm every year so that dog owners do not leave them there. Nevertheless, cases still occur.

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On June 1, 2022 in the late afternoon, a man noticed in the parking lot of a shopping center in Palm-Desertin the state of California to United Statesa dog enclosed in a Chevy Colorado. The poor kid seemed in bad shape. We had to act quickly, the outside temperature was around 37 degrees.

The Good Samaritan, named Harvey, immediately contacted the police who intervened as soon as possible. While the officer Rebekah Reyes called his superior to inform him of the situation, Harvey took an object and broke the window before taking the doggie out of the cabin.

Before transporting the animal to veterinary emergencies, Rebekah took his temperature using a rectal thermometer. The unfortunate 8-year-old German Spitz had climbed to 40.5 degrees. Namely that dogs suffer severe brain damage that can lead to death from a body temperature of 41 degrees. They must therefore be protected from heat.

“He was close to death”

The veterinarian of VCA Valley Animal Medical Center & Emergency Hospital fortunately was able to provide care for the canine in time. He was treated for his heatstroke with an infusion to combat dehydration and fever. Blood tests revealed that he would recover quickly.

His mistress was arrested at the scene and faces a prison sentence, but she was able to pick up her faithful companion the next day at the rescue center. According to Rebekah Reyesshe understood and regrets her mistake.

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Harvey was congratulated by the police. He actually had the right reflex. In a similar case, the right attitude to adopt is to contact the gendarmerie when the owner of the vehicle is not in sight.

In the event of a vital emergency, the best option is to break a window to extract the animal as quickly as possible from its burning hell. In order not to be prosecuted for the damage caused to the car, it is recommended to surround yourself with witnesses or take photos. Even if French law authorizes the practice, it is preferable to be able to prove your good faith.

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