“Many arrive with an empty stomach”: breakfasts distributed to students in Champigny-sur-Marne

At the question did you have breakfast before you come this morning? few say yes. This Tuesday morning, in front of the Elsa-Triolet college in Champigny, the table set up by members of the association Les Quartiers du Coeur was quickly taken by storm. The distribution of croissants, pain au chocolat and glasses of hot chocolate is welcome for these students.

“Most of them don’t have breakfast in the morning, they’re not used to it and when they arrive at the canteen they’re starving,” says a supervisor. Delighted to eat something before returning to class, the students claim to be able to do without it very well. “I sometimes take a small cake, sometimes a glass of milk, that’s enough”, considers Rayane, 12 years old. “It’s true that it feels good, recognizes Mustafa, a 6th grade student. But usually I never take anything before going to class. »

At least one passage in front of each establishment by the end of June

“However, it is very important for your concentration and your morale,” insists Zinedine Khemici, from Quartiers du Coeur, born in the Quatre Cités district. The association, which has a large number of high school students among its members, has set itself the goal of offering this breakfast at least once in front of each college and each high school in Champigny by the end of June.

By digging into the association’s finances and thanks to a gesture from a bakery in the city which sells them less expensive things to delight the students, the volunteers deliver a message on the need for breakfast.

A message shared by the principal of this college, who does not hesitate to come and discuss this subject with the association. “Next time, let us know, we will communicate more and we will relay the message, promises the head of the establishment, who is organizing a food week in June. Many arrive on an empty stomach, others have eaten very sweet things or crisps before coming, we really have to work on this issue! »

Very present in the field, the association Les Quartiers du Coeur does not only aim to nourish the body. On June 12 at 11 a.m., she organizes a giant dictation by level (from primary to adulthood) with very nice gifts at stake. Something to feed, this time, the spirits!

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