Mao, the cat lost for 2 years, has finally found its owner thanks to a long investigation by the SPA

In France, a cat is declared lost approximately every 10 minutes. Unfortunately, these disappearances do not always end with a happy ending. Only identification allows associations and veterinarians to trace the owners of recovered tomcats. But this time, things got complicated.

Maoby his nickname, was reported missing in 2020 in the town of Illiers Combray in the department ofEure-et-Loir. Despite the many wanted notices launched by his master on various groups dedicated to lost pets on social networks and with professionals in the region, Mao remained untraceable.

Its owner was devastated and struggling to overcome the ordeal. A feeling of helplessness which was accentuated when the latter moved several hundred kilometers away.

At the beginning of June 2022, the refuge of the SPA of Chartres appointed Les Acacias Amilly was entrusted with a large alley cat spotted wandering in the same town where Mao had disappeared. As usual, the trainers scanned the feline to check if it had a microchip. And luckily it was, but all was not won.

A real work of investigators

Unfortunately, the name mentioned on the card did not correspond. “The identification referred us to an owner who had all his cats warm at home and who did not know Mao. Nothing matched”a spokesperson for the shelter told News.

The members of the association then understood that it was a namesake of the same surname, but also of the first name and that the email addresses were almost similar.

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Fortunately, The Acacias Amilly managed to contact his master who was speechless upon hearing the news. He immediately hit the road and traveled the miles that separated him from his dear cat.

He arrived at the shelter on the afternoon of June 28 and Mao immediately recognized him. The reunion was very emotional.


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