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Marcigny. For play, dogs ready to (almost) learn everything

Dogs are like humans, you have to know how to understand them before educating them. This is the whole purpose of the work of Dimitri Sauze, dog trainer in Marcigny. Originally from Lyon, the 28-year-old young man had several jobs before turning to doggies. “I have training as a chef, but I worked at the SPA and I was a groom, he recalls. Animals have always been a passion for me. »

His voice is interrupted by barking. Gazy calls her. The pretty 8-year-old dog, the result of a cross between a husky and an unknown breed, is quietly installed in her transport cage in the back of her master’s Renault Scenic. Next to it, another cage, in which sleeps Luffy, a big 6-year-old dog, born from the crossing of a husky and a labrador. It’s time to stretch your pads and show what their owners are capable of.

Dimitri opens the trunk and frees his canines. Immediately, the gap of…

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