Marseille: six dogs abandoned on a roof are rescued in the 11th arrondissement

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Six dogs were abandoned on a roof of a house in the 11th arrondissement of Marseille. They were rescued on Tuesday July 26, they are safe and sound.

A local resident of Marseilles warned the Society for the Protection of Mistreated and Stray Animals (SPAME) that six dogs were stuck on the roof of a house in the 11th arrondissement, BFM Marseille learned. Two dogs fell from the top of the roof.

It was the president of the association who warned the national police. Two animal protection police officers then entered the house. The owner was not present. It would be a sick elderly person.

A house in a bad state

The house where the dogs and the owner lived was in an unsanitary state, with excrement strewn on the ground as well as waste or boxes piled up.

The animals were immediately taken to the vet. They are slightly injured, in particular by attacks from one of the dominant males, but show no signs of human abuse.

They are currently sheltered by SPAME before finding them a new foster family.

Despite the association’s complaint, no legal action will be taken because the facts are not considered as abuse but as animal neglect.

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