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Martine has taken up quite a challenge: adopting a breeding female dog from a puppy mill!

Little Ivoire did not have an easy life until she met Martine, her providential mistress. She lived through the puppy mill, two short failed adoptions, before establishing a serene life that she no longer hoped for. And that, thanks to a resolute woman.

“Since we have lived in a house, I have always had dogs, Ivoire is my 3e, begins Martine Matheus. My father was a sailor, and when I was 17, we adopted a dog on the barge. But today, at my age, I didn’t want to take a puppy! So I said to myself: at the SPA, there are plenty of unhappy animals, so I will take the most unhappy and the most mongrel because I know that they are difficult to adopt. »

It was on this – courageous – premeditation that she visited the Châtenoy-le-Royal SPA for the first time, at the start of 2020. “For a moment, I passed in front of an empty cage, I thought it was unoccupied, but it was already there. , I found out afterwards. She was hiding in her cubicle, she was afraid. »

Martine was looking for a small or medium-sized dog and did not find it during this first visit.

Time passes, she decides to go back there a second time, at the end of the year: “I’ll see,” she says to herself. And she saw, yes, that same empty cage! By questioning a volunteer from the SPA, she learns that a dog has been occupying her for 1 year, but that she does not show herself. “I was intrigued, I wanted to see her. So the volunteer went to get a cookie to lure the dog to the screen door. »

Ivory cautiously shows the tip of her nose, takes the donation and leaves out of sight. Martine has finally seen her: she is a female Bruno from the Jura, about 6 or 7 years old. In a poor psychological state… Sad clue to her supposed past: her long hanging and colored breasts. She comes from a puppy mill, the dark side of the pedigree dog business.

What is a Puppy Mill? A vision of horror

A puppy mill is unworthy breeding, intensive breeding in horrible conditions, it’s chaos. Hell for breeding females who chain litter after litter, permanently locked in cramped cages, hell also for puppies, crammed in appalling hygienic conditions. When their fertility declines, breeding animals may be killed, abandoned or sold to another factory. As for puppies, many have health and behavior problems that are difficult to detect at the time of purchase. The 30 Million Friends Foundation, among other associations, is trying to dismantle them… (see links at the end of the article).

And these puppies often end up in pet stores. From 1er January 2024, the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores will be prohibited and the sale of animals online will be better regulated.

Martine-Ivoire: a smooth adoption

“I went back several times without asking anything, continues Martine, but I spoke through the fence, without seeing her, so that she got used to my voice. »

Her decision made, she spoke to the director of the shelter: “I’m interested in this dog, I’d like to adopt her. “. In a shelter, adoption is done on a case-by-case basis, we do not entrust an animal on simple signature. And in that of Ivoire, time is an important factor. It is therefore proposed to Martine to come daily to the SPA for the moment of the dog walk.

“I first accompanied Michèle, the volunteer who took care of it, then, little by little, I held the leash. Ivoire always turned around to check who was taking her for a walk. So I was talking to him. I did this for a dozen days. »

Shortly after, Martine was to go on vacation in the South. Given Ivoire’s very fearful character, it was better not to take her. “When I returned a week later, Ivoire did not show that she recognized me. I signed the adoption papers, then, after walking her with the other SPA dogs, I led her to my car. »

His new home

“When I pulled her out of the car, she froze. I had been warned that she would take time to get used to: she had to live too long locked up, without any contact, in this sordid breeding.

For the first 2 days, she lay prostrate in the basement. I had installed a cushion and food for him. She dared neither move nor eat. The 2e day I was thinking of calling the vet, but the next day she ate a little. She didn’t dare leave the carpet to go to her croquettes. I had to move the bowl away gradually. And to eat, I had to be nearby, to reassure her with my voice. She was still casting fearful glances around her.

Then she resumed the pleasure of eating: I make her homemade preparations with offal, vegetables, carrots, green beans, she loves it.

Today, it’s been 1 year and 9 months since we welcomed her: on January 3, 2021 precisely, she is with us. She explored the house little by little – not all the rooms yet – but she got her bearings. Even with our cat Marcel, the cohabitation is serene. »

Martine is attentive to her needs: walks are daily and Ivoire can trot as she pleases without a leash – a luxury of which she has been deprived all these years in the breeding of shame. She thus discovers all the smells, also meets other dogs: “she has never been aggressive and comes to smell them, sometimes to play with them” specifies Martine.

Successfully adopting from a shelter, is it easy?

In January 2023, it will be 2 years since Martine adopted Ivoire, and vice versa! A challenge met thanks to the attention and patience of his mistress. This was not the case for the two previous adoptions. Ivoire is said to have first run away shortly after her first adoption, without her owner reporting it. She would have probably survived alone, before being spotted by hunters in a wood. The second adopters brought the little dog back a few days later, explaining that this dog did not sleep outside and did not keep the house. “Oh no! confirms Martine, Ivoire is not a watchdog! »

So, what precautions, what advice for a successful adoption? “My daughter and a friend told me that they too would like to adopt a dog at the SPA. I told them simply that having a dog is a responsibility. It is necessary to observe it well, to understand its needs, its character, to speak to it, to educate it and to adapt its behavior. And take time for walks, of course! For Ivoire, not a day goes by without her beloved walks!

Since January 2021, Martine has regularly sent news from Ivoire to Michèle, a volunteer who took the little resident to the SPA. “She so deserves to be happy!” she had said to Martine.

We can say that this prayer has been answered (photos below).

By Nathalie Dunand
[email protected]

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