Martyred dogs. The perpetrator confessed

Aska will always be so much loved and doubly pampered to compensate for her handicap.
Aska will always be so much loved and doubly pampered to compensate for her handicap. ©The Independent Courier

On June 30, 2022, barbaric acts were committed against two dogsat LaurenanBetween Loudeac and Merdrignacin the Cotes-d’Armor. One had been shot and the other blinded by gunshots.

A miscellaneous which greatly shocked the local population who had become one with the owners of the animals.

The police station opened an investigation. This has just ended.

Arnaud and Joséphine, the owners of the two animals, received a phone call from the Merdrignac gendarmerie advising them that the person suspected of having killed Daenerys and permanently mutilated Aska had been arrested. After a few hours of jail, the suspect confessed. His weapons have been confiscated and his trial will take place in the fall.

The young masters of Aska are relieved:

The territory’s domestic animals will finally be able to live in peace. We won’t be able to forget what happened because Daenerys will not be coming back and the vet has done additional tests: Aska will remain permanently blind with no hope of improving her sight. On the other hand, lead poisoning is latent which will require expensive charges. We are satisfied with this outcome which did not only concern us. We are all waiting for the trial”.

Aska, mutilated by man

Arnaud and Josephine hope an exemplary condemnation and the reimbursement of expenses that will have to be incurred for the rehabilitation of Aska to his new life as a handicapped dog. Joséphine and Arnaud want to securely close their property in order to secure Aska’s living space. And as good news never comes alone, the online pot has made it possible to regularize the costs incurred.

Arnaud and Joséphine try to rebuild their happiness in the countryside, in which they now believe.

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For the time being, it is not yet known whether animal rights associations will take civil action in this case.

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