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Mask Singer 4 – The Unmasked Cat: a big international star was hiding under this costume!

Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc and Kev Adams are the investigators of Mask Singer season 4. They have the heavy task of trying to discover who is hiding behind the 12 costumes – Dalmatian drag-queen, Baby, Gingerbread, Pharaoh, Bride, Genie, Monkey, Elephant fireman… The Cat had to too be unmasked thanks to the clues revealed about him. And that’s what happened since he revealed his identity this Tuesday, September 27 during the quarter-finals. An international star was hiding under this costume, here are the clues that were available to investigators.

All the clues revealed

– He speaks French and knows… Twerking!

– “You all know the place where I grew up
– It has been seen, heard, and read by millions of people around the world
– In his group of friends, there was “a series of sacred characters”
– He can be very scary
– He has already told his life story on TV, in newspapers and in books

– The number “90 210” has been revealed, which could be a reference to the cult series beverly hills 90210
He is not an alley cat but an indoor one, who enjoys with “his very many kittens”
– We know our friends very well. Thanks to them, a first name suddenly became very popular

He sang Price Tag by Jessie J.

Opinion of the investigators

Kev Adams, renowned for his jokes, spoke of the possible return of Michel Ansault, the husband of Chantal Ladesou, who had already appeared on the show this season as a construction cone, before being unmasked. He finally quoted Tori Spelling, an intuition shared by Jeff Panacloc, Vitaa and Chantal Ladesou.

It’s ultimately about…

After David Hasselhoff, the second international star of Mask Singer to have unmasked for this season 4 is none other than Tori Spelling, the famous actress of Beverly Hills 90210. Well done to the investigators for their excellent deduction!

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