Massive recall of eggs: here are the batches concerned

The government site RappelConso proceeded this Monday, June 27 to numerous recalls concerning several references of eggs sold in supermarkets due to the potential presence of salmonella.

Alerts to counter any type of salmonellosis infection. RappelConso published recalls on Monday linked to many batches of eggs sold in shopping centers in France.

Among the products concerned, the first recall targets boxes of 10 eggs of the Eco + brand, marketed at Leclerc from June 1 to June 24. According to the site, “only products bearing the additional code 01 following the barcodes are affected by the recall”.

The boxes of 6, 12 or 20 eggs of the Eggs of our regions brand, sold in the same brand between May 30 and June 24, were also singled out. On the Rappel Conso site, the product sheet (available in the tweet) details the entire list of lots affected by the recall via a summary poster.

The Belle France brand was not spared by the recall with several products concerned such as the boxes of “12 fresh eggs raised on the ground medium or large Belle France”, “6 fresh eggs raised on the ground medium or large Belle France”, ” 12 fresh eggs dated the day of laying medium Belle France” and “6 fresh eggs dated the day of laying large Belle France”.

Ultimate product suspected by the government site: the batch of 10 medium fresh eggs from the Ecoprix brand. All of the foods mentioned under the Douce France and Ecoprix brands were put on the shelves between June 3 and 16 in the Coccinelle, Cocci Market, Panier Sympa and Rapid’Market stores and in a few independent convenience stores.

Each person owning one of the lots mentioned above is asked to bring it back to the place of purchase in order to benefit from a refund. Finally, note that cooking food above 65°C destroys bacteria such as salmonella.

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