Mbappé and Benzema avoid each other in the France team

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The handshake between Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé on Monday at Clairefontaine was beautiful to see. Was she really sincere? The Spanish media have been asking the question since the beginning of the week and have not stopped finding signs contrary to this beautiful agreement.

In question, of course, the fact that the PSG striker has finally decided to give up his dream of playing at Real Madrid, with his great friend as a future teammate. Last night, the program El Chiringuito broadcast a sequence in which the two players are far from each other in the Blues bus.

“Benzema is parting ways with Mbappé, a picture that is worth more than 1000 words… is their love of the past? commented the Iberian program, still extravagant. Guti had already laid the foundations for a flagrant disagreement: “Benzema has not forgiven Mbappé … but in three years, yes. We are reassured.

to summarize

If Karim Benzema (34 years old) and Kylian Mbappé (23 years old) have already assured that the extension of the latter to PSG would not impact their good relations in the France team, the latest rumors do not validate this trend.

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