McDonald’s is (finally) getting into halloumi

chwing chwing chwing, it’s the soft sound of the halloumi which squeaks under our little teeth. While Cypriot cheese is a little more the star of our plates every year, it has become a staple (sometimes problematic) of aperitifs in our good country. But halloumi version of a big fast-food chain? This is not far from a first that will arrive on the McDonald’s menu this summer.

Well, for the moment, to afford a box of 4 “halloumi fries” (or 12 to share, but we’re not going to share, well you get the idea) you’ll have to go to England where the announcement of their arrival this month of July in the menus of friend Ronald has just been confirmed by The Independent. Oh, and then they’ll also have a tiramisu on the menu. In short, it’s time to sign for this “studious month” in England that you have been talking about for years. Top 3 reasons: 1 — McDonald’s halloumi fries, 2 — Queen’s Jubilee, 3 — Learning English.

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