Meaux: without water or food, eight puppies and their mother discovered in an abandoned apartment

Without water or food, they had been wandering for three days in the abandoned accommodation. Eight puppies and their mother American Staffordshire, or American Staffs, were seized last Thursday by the municipal police in an apartment located very close to the town hall of Meaux. It was neighbors, alarmed by the pestilential smell emanating from the premises, who gave the alert to the Ani’Meaux association.

“They were worried because they hadn’t seen the owner, aged around 30, for three days,” says Jérôme Cordier, legal manager of the association. When they arrive at the accommodation, the members of Ani’Meaux are shocked. “It was very dirty, there was excrement, flies but no one to take care of the nine dogs”, relates the association.

While that week, the mercury was 30 degrees, “there was no water or food, the windows were closed”. Two and a half months old, the eight puppies were very weak: “They were all very thin. If they had stayed there for a few more days, they would have started to fight and would not have survived,” assures Jérôme Cordier. The mother, about a year old, not in good shape either, has a damaged paw.

Among the dropouts, almost exclusively American staff

Did the owner abandon them to go on vacation? Did she raise them to sell them later? In view of the observations made on the spot, Jérôme Cordier leans rather for this second option. “We have not found any announcement of the sale of puppies on social networks but the question arises because we do not keep nine dogs if it is an accidental reproduction. »

The association filed a complaint against the owner, aged around 30, for ill-treatment and voluntary abandonment. On judicial requisition, Ani’Meaux was appointed to recover the nine animals and placed them in nine foster families. At the same time, they will be vaccinated and identified by a veterinarian.

The association has counted six abandonments around Meaux since the beginning of the summer and 35 since last January. “It’s a lot for a small structure like ours, believes Jérôme Cordier, we have no refuge, we only work with host families. »

Among the abandoned dogs, the association lists almost exclusively American staff. “It’s a very fashionable breed of dog that is creating a market, you can find it for 700 euros and sometimes even 200 euros when people want to get rid of it, it goes away very quickly”.

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