Medicines for pets: all you need to know to avoid accidents

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Pet owner, wondering how to administer certain medications? How to keep them? What are the rules to follow ? The National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) explains.

Pet owner, you may be wondering how to administer certain medications to your furry friend? What are the rules to follow ? What are the dangers for you or your animal? We answer your questions.

The right things to do

To protect your animal or yourself, a number of actions are recommended when administering treatments. First of all, it is essential to read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions for use. If you apply the medicine directly to the animal’s skin, remember to wash your hands and respect the recommended time before petting the animal.

Finally, each treatment is associated with a particular animal, so never give a cat a treatment reserved for dogs. He might have a bad reaction to the product. For example, an external parasiticide based on permethrin can have serious effects on the cat. In particular neurological and digestive disorders which can be fatal, warns ANSES. In the event of accidental exposure, it is recommended that you wash your cat with lukewarm water and soap or dishwashing liquid and seek advice from a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Pay attention to their preservation

Each year, several cases of use of veterinary drugs on humans are listed. Between antiparasitic pipettes, medicines in bottles and tablets it is sometimes difficult to find one’s way, and confusion can occur.

To avoid this, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the place of storage of medicines for animals. ANSES recommends that all your animal’s care be stored in the same place in the house, a place protected from light and out of reach of children. It is also advisable to keep them in their original packaging. If the medicine has been prescribed for a specific disease, do not keep it after the end of the treatment. This will avoid confusion which could have harmful consequences on your health.

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