Mercato: Courted by PSG, Pogba wants to “feel loved” in his new club

Free to commit where he wishes at the end of June, Paul Pogba has apparently not yet made the choice that seals his future. Whether he joins Paris, Madrid or Turin, the future ex-midfielder of Manchester United wants to find pleasure in his new club.

A healthy context to relaunch. This is what Paul Pogba is looking for, who will leave Manchester United at the end of his contract expiring at the end of June after a frustrating last exercise, marred by injuries. Appeared in a video published by the American media Uninterrupted, the medium courted by PSG, Juventus Turin or Real Madrid delivers his desires for the future: “ Like everyone else, I need to feel loved, for people to be happy with what I’m doing. From the moment the club makes the effort to get to know you, you can give your best because you feel mentally liberated.. »

Arrived at a turning point in his career, the 29-year-old player then details what he will seek in priority: an environment allowing him to flourish again. ” I want the best for me. I’m only interested in playing football and being myself. I want to have fun, take as much pleasure as possible, otherwise I can’t give it my all and I’m overwhelmed with negative thoughts. You can lose a game or a trophy, but you have to be okay with yourself and have fun. I’m just looking for that. »

Marking game history and more

Reluctant to give clues about his preferred destination, Pogba nevertheless confides his vision of the leader. According to him, it consists of allow the maximum development of its partners so that they direct all their energy towards the team. It is a matter of mutual trust. A leader does not necessarily have to score goals, he must be on the field, do his job well and push everyone to surpass themselves. »

A committed sportsman, the French international (91 caps and 11 goals) trained at Le Havre AC would like to go even further, by registering as a player and a personality apart in everyone’s memory. ” I’m interested in being an example on and off the pitch. In the end, that’s what’s left. On the pitch, players come and go, but I want to leave something off the pitch. A mission that may start with the documentary series entitled “The Pogmentary”, broadcast on the Amazon Prime streaming platform from June 17. His future could be discussed there, as well as the identity of his new employer.

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