Mercato: Di Maria would be ready to join Barça

Officially under contract with PSG until June 30, Angel Di Maria can already choose his next club given that the Parisian club has told him that he will not be extended and bid farewell to the Argentinian. particularly appreciated. But while he seemed to be heading straight for Juventus Turin where a two-year contract awaited him, the 34-year-old winger could finally bounce back in Spain, especially on the side of FC Barcelona where he had already almost signed for summer 2018.

The new Spanish media Revelo, in particular its renowned transfer window specialist Matteo Moretto, took stock of the case and it is notably announced that Di Maria had direct contact with Barça in order to measure the feasibility of the operation. El Fideo has even already agreed to join the Catalan club, particularly keen to strengthen on the wings during the summer. It is also explained that Di Maria would rather join Spain than Italy, with Juve at risk of losing the player for not completing the case in time.

The duration of the proposed contract corresponds in particular better to what the player aspires to, namely one year only and the possibility of returning to his training club of Rosario Central in the summer of 2023 where Juve instead offers him a two-year lease. . The economic conditions are however more favorable on the Turin side while Barça must first get rid of players in order to be able to recruit the ex-winger from PSG. And if Barça wants to get ahead of Juventus, it will have to seriously move, the Turinese being far from having thrown in the towel in this file, with coach Max Allegri who is pushing to recruit Di Maria.

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