Mercato PSG – Confidence has changed sides: Real Madrid worried about the Kylian Mbappé file

After suffering Kylian Mbappé’s about-face in 2017, will Real Madrid suffer a second bitter failure with the PSG star? The Spanish press announced earlier this week a clear agreement between the French international and the Madrid club. “It’s finish“, headlined Marca on Monday. This Friday, the tone is no longer the same in the columns of the newspaper: “concern is growing within the board of directors”.

The key to the Mbappé file? Athletes’ image rights explained

Sky Italia goes further: according to the transalpine media, Mbappé should indeed continue his career at PSG. Several people around him would push him to continue his adventure in France. One thing seems certain: Paris has caught up on the file. Offers from both would satisfy the world champion. It remains for him to decide.

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