Miami Grand Prix live: Verstappen takes control of the race!

Overheating problem for Hamilton (30/57)

We ask the Englishman to remove a little rubber to cool it all down. A new complicated race for the seven-time world champion, who does not seem able to play for the podium.

Sainz stops, Verstappen takes the lead (28/57)

Endless stop for Sainz. Verstappen is a comfortable leader, the victory of Red Bull is taking shape little by little…

Verstappen in turn in the pits (26/57)

A save of 2.4 for the Dutchman. It’s clean, and it allows him to come out 2nd, behind Sainz who still hasn’t stopped. He even has a 7 second lead over Leclerc now. Losing strategy for Ferrari.

Leclerc regains the best time … but complains (25/57)

“The car is so difficult to drive,” the Monegasque said on the radio. He stops immediately in the pits, to attempt the undercut on Verstappen. It still seems complicated with hard rubbers.

Still no breakage in Florida (23/57)

Despite the presence of a puzzle chicane, which caused some problems in practice and qualifying, no driver has tasted the barriers of Florida so far. Only Zhou gave up, but for a technical problem.

New lap record for Verstappen (22/57)

The Grand Prix leader relegated Lerclerc to 4.5″.

Perez stalling (21/57)

While he was putting pressure on Sainz 3-4 laps ago, Sergio Perez (4th) is now more than 7 seconds behind the Ferrari driver. The Red Bull engineers look deep in thought.

The dunces on the rise (20/57)

Despite their setbacks, Ocon (9th), Stroll (12th) and Vettel (13th) have now returned to the battle for points. But they still haven’t made it to the pits.

3.5” lead for Verstappen now (17/57)

The Red Bull driver builds up a small margin before an upcoming pit stop.

Ouch, the bad pitstop for Alonso (16/57)

The Spaniard spent more than five seconds at a standstill due to a problem with the right rear tire, but still managed to get out in front of the traffic.

Verstappen widens the gap (13/57)

Helped by another small braking error from Leclerc, the Dutchman now has a 2.5 second lead in the race!

Tsunoda is the first to pit (12/57)

Hard rubber for the Japanese from Alpha Tauri, which opens the ball for tire changes.

A gap between Perez and Bottas (12/57)

Bottas is now 8 seconds behind 4th place Perez. There is the Red Bull-Ferrari race in front, and that of the others behind.

And Verstappen taking the lead!! (9/57)

Under pressure, Charles Leclerc made a small mistake in the last corner before the start straight, and was swallowed up by the Dutchman at the line! Max Verstappen is now leading the Miami Grand Prix with his Red Bull! What a start on his part!

Gasly in the hard (8/57)

Overtaken by Hamilton two laps ago, the Frenchman (7th) is now threatened by Alonso, less than half a second away.

A first abandonment! (8/57)

The Chinese Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo) returns to the pits, his Grand Prix is ​​already over. Mechanical problem, a priori…

But Hamilton still doubles Gasly (6/57)

The Briton passed Alonso and Gasly in a few laps, he is back in his initial position, ready to charge Bottas.

Hamilton is nervous (6/57)

The Mercedes driver, now 7th, complains of damage to his car. But his engineer assures him that the single-seater is intact…

There was contact between Alonso and Hamilton at the start (5/57)

This is perhaps why the English lost two positions. Fortunately for him and Alonso, no damage to the cars.

The two struggling Mercedes (3/57)

Hamilton and Russell both struggled to start. The first city is always 8th, the second 15th! Note the start of Esteban Ocon’s comeback, now 17th, ahead of Latifi and the two Aston Martins who left the pits.

No breakage at the end of the first lap (2/57)

A small classification point after the start, with Alonso’s big jump in the classification:

1. Leclerc

2. Verstappen

3. Sainz

4. Perez

5. Boots

6. Gasly

7. Alonso


9. Norris

10. Tsunoda

Oh the superb flight of Verstappen!! (1/57)

Excellent start from Max Verstappen, who manages to move up to 2nd between Leclerc and Sainz and therefore inserts himself between the Ferraris by going outside at the first corner. It is however complicated for Hamilton, down to 8th.

The single-seaters are on the grid

A few more moments…

Let’s go for the formation lap

A warm-up lap, and Miami’s first battle can begin.

Hamilton in the hard

Distanced overall, Lewis Hamilton will still have a hard time competing with Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen this Sunday. He will already have to overtake Valtteri Bottas, his former teammate at Mercedes who set a better time in qualifying with… an Alfa Romeo.

Blow to Aston Martin

The two green single-seaters have a temperature problem with their fuel, and will therefore start from the pits. A blow, since Lance Stroll had taken 9th place in qualifying, and Sebastian Vettel 13th.

Will it rain in Miami?

If it’s been very hot in Miami since the start of the weekend, a light downpour hit the circuit this Sunday morning. And a few clouds still lurk.

Ocon aims for a comeback

Because he damaged his car shortly before qualifying on Saturday, Esteban Ocon could not take part in the session and will start from 20th position with his Alpine. But the Frenchman hopes to finish in the points. He will have to work hard for that, and also bet on favorable race circumstances.

A little tennis ball with Beckham for Leclerc

It’s something, the warm-ups at Ferrari…

Beautiful people in Miami

Blaise Matuidi, Pharrell Williams, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and David Beckham are present on the circuit. F1 is usually a hangout of people, but in Miami it’s even more blatant.

Update on the driver standings, after four races

1. Leclerc (Ferrari), 86 pts

2. Verstappen (Red Bull), 59 pts

3. Perez (Red Bull), 54 pts

4. Russell (Mercedes), 49 pts

5. Sainz (Ferrarri), 38 pts

6. Norris (McLaren), 35 pts

7. Hamilton (Mercedes), 28 pts

8. Bottas (Alfa Romeo), 24 pts

9. Ocon (Alpine), 20 pts

10. Magnussen (Haas), 15 pts

13. Gasly (Alpha Tauri), 6 pts

A little overview of the circuit

If the fake marina has caused a lot of talk, and smiles, the Miami circuit – around Hard Rock Stadium – seems rather conducive to the show this Sunday.

Hello everyone !

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