milk will soon not be found in supermarkets, serious consequences for the daily life of the French

Many products have been disappearing from the shelves of our French supermarkets for a few months. Sunflower oil, wheat, eggs, Nutella… This time around, it’s this drink very popular with children that could disappear from our supermarkets.

The war in Ukraine and the announced period of drought are elements that are disrupting the import and production of many products. If you run out of sunflower oil or flour, a shortage of milk would also be expected very soon in France.

A shortage of milk to be expected in France?

French milk producers are seeing their production costs very strongly impacted by the rise in the price of electricity, cartons, and transport… The situation of dairy farmers, considered the most difficult in the agricultural world, involves sacrifices for French producers. Because of the “loss” sales of breeders, a shortage of milk would thus be expected soon in France.

In an article of echoesthe vice-president of Syndilait also declared that the situation was very complicated for breeders to manage at this very moment:

“We are going to have difficult awakenings” thus predicts Eric Forin, the president of Syndilait. “The price of milk has increased by 1.5% when it would take a 20% increase to erase the inflation of electricity, cardboard, plastic, transport”. The organization thus fears many departures of breeders “sickened“.

As a reminder, France has approximately 3.7 million dairy cows and 62,000 dairy farms. A figure that has been in real constant decline in recent years, which would imply a very sharp drop in milk production over the year 2022.

A massive crisis for milk in the United States

The shortage affects a lot of everyday food products in France. If milk in France is set to disappear because of production costs that are too high for producers, a serious shortage of this product is also rife in the United States.

across the Atlantic, the sudden disappearance of powdered milk hits all of the United States. More than 40% of stocks are said to be sold out in at least 11,000 stores, in six states of the territory. Iowa, Missouri, Texas, South and North Dakota and Tennessee would not even have half of these products anymore.

As a reminder, no less than 75% of infants over six months of age usually receive at least part of their food in the form of powdered milk in the United States.

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