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Milla’s drama trial: a civil party lawyer points out the “lack of dignity of the defense”

During the submissions of the victims’ lawyers, Me Raymond Escalé attacked the defense strategy of the bus driver’s lawyers.

Open criticism between lawyers is quite rare during hearings. Me Raymond Escalé, former president of the bar of Pyrénées-Orientales, has also admitted that he never does. But this Tuesday, during his objection in the civil part, he shared an attack against “an unworthy defense strategy”, he condemned on the spot his Perpignan colleague Me Jean Codognes and Me Louis Fagnez.

We lawyers have complete freedom in our strategic choices, but this freedom must be characterized by a few ethical rules, which are dignity and respect for the person we defend, dignity and respect for the court, dignity and respect for the victims. continued M.e Climbed up, discarded one “procedural chaos” and “a stolen trial”.

“I did not like the position of the defense in light of this request for dismissal by the president of the court. What is this case of intent? And then other misunderstanding, we are told that Mrs. Oliveira will not be able not to participate in this trial without any explanation. We want answers, she’s not there, we don’t know where she is, and we’ll have to settle for that. I don’t understand, as a lawyer, where the strategy is. But I’ll think of it as more simple blunders .”

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“We will answer him in our post, replied M.e Codognes for the postponement. What I find unworthy of a civil party lawyer is to disregard the rights of the defense, the freedom of the defense, the freedom of argument, the freedom of strategy. That lawyers can forget this democratic foundation is serious and unworthy of the dress they wear.

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