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Millas drama trial: two dogs at the hearing to support the victims

On the occasion of the trial concerning the terrible collision which claimed the lives of six college students and injured 17 others, including 8 very seriously, two labradors will also be present in the courtroom to accompany the civil parties.

Two dogs will also be responsible for assisting the civil parties during the proceedings. Their presence is planned for 4 days, “or more if necessary”. Because these Labradors, made available by the Handi’chiens and France Victims 66 associations, are specially trained to support victims and to facilitate free speech. A precious help in the face of the heavy atmosphere which is likely to weigh heavily on the room and not to encourage the surviving children and the bereaved families to give their testimony at the bar. Especially in front of an audience of several hundred people.

The faithful four-legged companions will thus stroll through the courtroom, accustomed as they are to not disturbing the debates as well as to detecting people in distress. They will thus be able to go and place themselves wisely at their feet and let themselves be caressed. To reassure, relax the atmosphere, appease the spirits and create a diversion, if only for a moment, from the horror. These dogs were tested during a previous trial in Marseille, concerning a case of sexual assault on minors.

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