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Miracle, the lost dog from Piton des Neiges finds his family six months later

“He’s our Filou. He came home with us yesterday (Saturday). We lost him six months ago at the Plaine des Palmistes”entrusts us this Sunday his family. “When we saw his photo on your site, we knew it was him! He is very fearful with people he does not know, no one could have caught him, do they admit. We would like to thank the people who helped and fed him during his journey. Filou is now warm with his little family. We are so happy to have him with us!”do they blow after significant physical exertion because “Filou took us up to Piton des Neiges for the first time. 6.5 hours of hiking, it was difficult because we are not great walkers”they testify.

“We didn’t think we’d find him again”

The bottle in the sea launched a few days ago worked to the delight of the owners and Filou who can finally leave the icy cold of the heights.

“After six months we didn’t think we’d find him again”, says his master Jonathan logically. It was during a picnic at a kiosk in Bébour that Filou slipped away. “He was loose all day and then at some point we lost sight of him”, he recalls. The owner of this dog who has the profile of a hunting dog – but who is not one, he confirms to us – is trying to find him by posting an ad on the lost/found pages such as Pattes en cavale 974. “The Facebook post dates back to March 10. September 9 would have been six months”he calculates the improbable breakaway.

Then the unthinkable happens. Filou’s family sees the photo pass.

“I immediately think it’s my dog ​​but we had doubts because Filou had two collars. A blue nylon collar and a second anti-flea and tick collar that we couldn’t see in the photo. Also, he was eight months old when of his disappearance, so he changed a little”, he explains. But while discussing with the hiker who had taken the famous photo, she confirms to Jonathan that there was indeed a second necklace. Doubt is no longer allowed.

This Saturday, the family gets up in the middle of the night to carry out their mission: objective, to get to the top of the island.

“We left Bélouve at 3 a.m. and arrived at the summit at 9 a.m. Filou kept his distance at the start but reacted very quickly thanks to the presence of his father”which was part of the expedition.

This separation, which ends well, will give Jonathan the opportunity to have his dog identified with a chip. An additional guarantee even if in the present case, this electronic identification would perhaps not have been useful since the dog obviously did not allow himself to be approached.

Undoubtedly a chain of solidarity which was organized in the discretion of the paths

“I thank all the people who fed him, he obviously couldn’t have lasted all this time”he evokes but struggles to guess how his dog could have ended up at Piton des Neiges.

“In six months, we don’t know what happened, how he got up there? Because for us, between the forest of Bébour in Bélouve, there are already at least 40 minutes. From Bélouve to Piton six and a half hours ago. How did he land up there? No idea!”, he admits. Perhaps he followed hikers over the weeks as was already mentioned in 2016 in an equally incredible story.


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