Miscellaneous – Justice | Gard: Sky, the firefighters’ dog cannot be found

Sky, a 9-month-old Malinois dog being trained by the Sdis 30 firefighters, has been missing for 4 days in Laudun. Last recruit of the cynophile group for the search of lost or buried people, Sky is being trained by a dog handler. On Thursday, under undetermined circumstances, he managed to escape from his enclosure and did not return. Since then, research has been actively carried out but the animal remains untraceable despite flying over a large area with a drone.

Sky ain’t bad, he’s good in his head“Testifies its owner”he is sociable, he likes people and his congeners“. He is equipped with a collar with the name and telephone of the owner. Please contact the owner or 112 if you see him or if you have information on his whereabouts.

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