Miscellaneous – Justice | Hérault: to break up a dog fight, he stabs the animal six times

The walk turned into a nightmare. On Sunday, a resident of Cruzy, a small town in Hérault, was walking in a wood with his dog, Sysko, a one-year-old bull terrier. During this walk, the owner and his dog, kept on a leash, he specifies in the columns of Midi Libre which tells the story, meets a couple accompanied by three dogs of the cane corso breed.

When I see a couple arriving from afar who were also walking three dogs, not on a leash, I stood on a high point with my dog ​​to wait until the owners of the three cane corso passed me“. Except that in a movement of agitation, his bull terrier manages to detach himself to rush towards the three other dogs.

A dog fight then breaks out. This resident of Cruzy, suffering from a slight handicap according to Free lunch, is then threatened by the other owners. “The man was shouting at me: ‘Hurry up, hurry up, otherwise I’ll plant your dog.’ owner of the bull terrier manages to join them, he stabs the animal several times.”He stabbed my dog ​​six times. Like a madman, in rage!”says the master of Sysko.

After a visit to the veterinarian, this resident of Cruzy manages to find the owners of the three cane corso. He filed a complaint with the police. For his part, Sysko was hit in the jugular, cheek and neck, but his injuries were not fatal.

The couple’s man admitted to having stabbed Sysko.

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