Mom-to-be wants to name her baby like an animal… And can’t understand her husband’s refusal

It’s not always easy to know how to react when your partner comes up with an incongruous name idea! A dad faced this situation, and he tells on Reddit that his wife did not appreciate his refusal at all, despite the compromise he offered.

She offers an animal name as a first name

This future dad explains that he is 28 years old and that his wife, Michelle, is 30. They are preparing to welcome their third child: “Our tradition is that she names the girls and I names the boys, but the other has the right of veto.” After having two boys, they are expecting a baby girl. “I was sure she would want one of the names we had already discussed for a girl. But no. She wants to name our daughter Koala”he says.

“Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against koalas, but I think naming a child after them is a little weird. It’ll be adorable when she’s little, but imagine if she works in sales and she has ‘Koala’ printed on his chest for everyone to see. None of us are Australian or have traveled there so it’s an odd choice,” explains this man. He therefore used his right of veto and proposed a compromise to his wife: they give him another first name and Koala will be his little nickname, as one could use “kitten” or “chick” as an affectionate little name.

His wife does not accept his refusal

A compromise that seems rather wise, but the mom-to-be didn’t take it that way. “Michelle got mad and said I was undermining her choices. She locked herself in our room and wouldn’t talk to me, and both of her parents called me to criticize me. I didn’t want to upset her but I think that name will only bring problems”, indicates this future dad. But he specifies: “I could be at fault because it’s my wife’s turn [de choisir]. Plus our son’s name is Phoenix so pet names aren’t impossible.”

Internet users believe that it is rather his wife who should review his positions. And in particular because she does not accept his refusal: “So she’s ok with naming the girls, but that you also have a veto. Then she chooses a name for the girl and you use that veto. Now she’s mad and told her parents? You’re not at fault. Just because she wants to use Koala doesn’t mean you can’t refuse.” “You’re not wrong unless the boys are called Panda and Grizzly, then you’d be wrong”someone quips.

Other Redditors point out that Koala isn’t exactly a good name idea. “Thank you for refusing that name. Yes, but koalas are cute but it’s not an appropriate name for a child. And she will probably be angry with you for having named her that at some point”explains a user. “I’m Australian. And just, no. It might be a cute nickname when you’re young, but not a first name, it’s just terrible. Also, ask her if she wants your daughter to be mocked with allusions to dirty animals and chlamydia”, responds one person. Because, yes, koalas are often infected with this sexually transmitted disease! In fact, a forum member explains: “I’m a veterinarian in Australia and I specialize in local wildlife. Koalas may look cute, but they’re vile, grumpy, smelly and aggressive. They’re not very smart either… It’s not my favorite animal. It’s a stupid name for a child. You might as well call it c******e because all koalas are ass*****s.”

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