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Montauban. Flowers from America for the president of “Free Cats”

The truculent Marie-Agnès, president of the association of free cats of Montauban, has not yet returned. After spending the day at Auchan, which welcomed her for her kibble collection, she was surprised by a totally unexpected delivery. A florist brought him a magnificent bouquet of flowers with a stuffed animal and a kind note signed by a regular admirer living in the United States but informed of his collection day. “The funny thing is that the stuffed animal is not a cat but a dog!” laughs Marie-Agnès Portal who dedicates this bouquet and her thanks to the generous donors who have filled her carts with more than 400 kg of various food so that she and her friends from the association can fill the bowls of the free cats of Montauban , in various places in the city. She also thanks the very sympathetic organizer who, on several occasions, interviewed her so that she could explain the raison d’être and the actions of the association which celebrated its 10th anniversary in August. Marie-Agnès Portal of course insists on sterilization in order to avoid feline proliferation. To join (and possibly join) the association: 06 01 35 43 87. Donations to support the association are of course accepted all year round. The next collection will take place at the end of the year.

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