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Montauban. The association “Cats without a roof” is seeking support

The Pomponne l’Esplanade d’Eurythmie neighborhood association, led by Catherine Rougé, organized a garage sale on Sunday in the Eurythmie parking lot and the green corridor. The sun and the number of participants, both sellers and buyers, made the day a success. Generously and to support the association “Cats without a roof”, a stand has been made available for them free of charge. “We are eight founders, our goal is the defense and protection of stray cats, we collect funds to allow us to sterilize them, feed them. We work in partnership with SPA. We also need litter, pills, pest control … All help is welcome, both from individuals and from local communities”.

Contact: 07 49 51 24 75. – 13 rue de l’égale in Montauban.

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