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Montgailhard: rue de Roucateille, 8 abandoned dogs are waiting for a new life

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It’s been ten days since a band of neglected dogs has been causing trouble around the rue de Roucateille. Rehoused in Foix since the beginning of the summer, their master can no longer take care of them.

“There are at least seven or eight in there, plague a resident of the district of rue de Roucateille in Montgailhard, not far from the campsite of the same name. It barks, it pees, it shits everywhere, it’s infernal. They scare people. The old ladies who pass by to go to the cemetery, they do not lead far. »
“That” is a dozen or so dogs of indeterminate breed, badly locked up on a barely maintained ground on which the only shelter consists of a rickety lean-to of wood and sheet metal. Dogs who have no difficulty crossing the wall of disjointed dry stones or, taking advantage of their small size, to pass under the mesh gate which closes the ground. That day, three of them wander nearby, barking at whoever better without attacking the passer-by they encounter.
Alerted by the ever-increasing complaints from local residents, the Foix police station eventually intervened. About ten days ago, the officials went to the scene and three puppies were immediately taken in by an association, leaving eight other dogs on the spot.

No abandonment, no abuse

But neither abandonment nor abuse, however: “They belong to a gentleman in his sixties who only has them in life, explains a source familiar with the matter. The pitch isn’t suitable, he doesn’t take care of it absolutely well, but he does what he can, he’s nice to them and they give him a shout out when he comes. »
Mayor Michel Caux gives more details. “He is a gentleman who was very poorly housed, he lived in a kind of shelter, describes the chosen one. With the CCAS (municipal center for social action), he had been provided with help for heating this winter. We tried to find him accommodation in Montgailhard, and finally we found him one in Foix shortly before the summer holidays.
We helped him move, we gave him a sofa, but he was very unhappy not to see his dogs. He was coming back to Montgailhard to feed them, but he couldn’t come for a day or two, once he forgot to close the gate, the dogs escaped and that’s what gave rise to complaints from the inhabitants . »
Faced with a situation that reveals more social difficulties than mistreatment, the authorities, after hearing the owner of the animals, decided not to prosecute him and to negotiate with him so that he voluntarily surrenders his dogs. “He has already accepted for four of them, we are told, we are looking for an association to recover them. For the last four, we are still discussing, but we demanded that they be chipped in order to be able to follow them. »
“The neighbors are moved by the situation of the dogs, assures Michel Caux. They will probably end up at the SPA, since we don’t have an agreement with a dog pound. “A bittersweet conclusion which should occur during the week.

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