Montpellier: with Ben & Jerry’s, the Polygone wins a brand new brand

A new ice cream stand has been set up for more than a week on Place Paul-Bec. And not least, since at the back of the Polygone shopping center, a Ben & Jerry’s kiosk has appeared.

A first in the south of France, thanks to the Téokubo franchise, which develops Point Us, Point Kfé, 41° and therefore Ben & Jerry’s restaurant chains. If, usually, the cubic aspect of glass and steel is a trademark, the co-managers Thierry Perrier and Dario Bernadi had to deal with the architectural specificity of the Échelles de la ville: “The Buildings of France did not give us their authorization, the Polygone therefore offered us these wooden kiosks”, explains Thierry Perrier. And if the co-director is talking about two kiosks, it’s because, within a big week, will open opposite Ben & Jerry’s, a US Point, offering “premium” burgers, salads and other wraps.

After the opening of Starbucks, Courir or Snipes, the Polygone has thus enriched its offer, particularly in terms of catering, by attracting a brand that has not yet been seen in our region, Ben & Jerry’s having until then “only one store in Martinique and Saint-Etienne, while Point Us is located in the Paris region”, specifies Thierry Perrier. On the menu side, the ice cream franchise sells of course all the great classics of Ben & Jerry’s, but also homemade ice cream “Mon petit glacier” or even milkshakes, homemade pancakes, churros as well as the famous bubble-waffles.

Ben & Jerry’s, place Paul-Bec, The scales of the city. Open Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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