More expensive than a vanilla-chocolate cone but approved by veterinarians: this restaurant in the Var offers a sorbet… for dogs!

Something to lick your chops about. The idea came this winter to Julien Delorme, owner of the establishment, around a meal with veterinary friends. “They told me: “Go for it, your customers will love the idea”. I did not hesitate to start”.

With a clientele often accompanied by their faithful four-legged companion, he says to himself that this “original and useful service will surprise them”. “Certainly the idea is nice, but above all we wanted to ensure a guarantee of quality, even for our canine customers, hence its price (5 euros per scoop)”.

That’s why Julien Delorme, with his second in the kitchen, set out to make this ice cream with the desire to find the right recipe. The result will be a chicken liver sorbet cooked in a clear veal jus and fish stock, “without forgetting its bone croquettes placed on top. All this fresh, homemade, without sugar and without added salt”says its creator.

“We are very dog ​​friendly”

Julien Delorme, like his entire team, likes to pamper their furry guests. Repetitive bowls of fresh water, mats on the floor in the restaurant in winter and “now a sorbet is dedicated to them”. A creation that attracts many owners, eager to please their animal.

“Some people travel a long way to offer this sorbet to their dog, even celebrities. Recently it was Laura Flippes, 2021 Olympic handball champion, who came just for that”.

In two weeks, Julien Delorme will have sold around twenty balls and hopes to be able to surprise his canine clientele in the future. “It must be said that we are very dog ​​friendly, so we are thinking about other creations. The next one could be a crab meat sorbet”.

After the land with poultry liver, it is the flavors of the sea that could soon be invited into the bowls of our canine friends.


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